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Slap Ya Mama seasonings, fish fry & pepper sauce.

People try these products because of the name, but fall in love with them for the flavor.
They taste so good, it will make you want to" Slap Ya Mama"!!!

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Andy Roo's seasonings

 Can't decide on one? With 14 different seasonings, mixes and spices, you don't have to.

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Fire in the Hole Seasonings                                  Champagne's Seasoning                      Punch Daddy Seasonings

Cajun Seasoning & Taste of Two Cities.     Original, Garlic & Extra Bite (not shown).  Creole, Cajun (Hot), Mesquite & Hickory (not shown). 

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Micheal's Dis N Dat       Magic Swamp Dust Proche'

If you are looking for another seasoning not shown on this page, please give us a call.

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Slap Ya Mama seasonings
Slap Ya Mama pepper sauces
$2.95 - $4.25
Andy Roo's seasonings
Fire in the Hole
Champagne's seasoning
Punch Daddy seasonings
Michael's Dis N Dat seasoning
Magic Swamp Dust Proche (no MSG)

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